Triqui – WordPress Acrade Theme

There is an excellent theme for WordPress Arcade Sites created by Emanuele Feronato – an Italian geek and PROgrammer. 🙂

I have used his theme and made some modifications. The theme is now 100% compatible with MyArcadeBlog 1.8 and MyArcadeBlog Pro.

Furthermore, I have added an admin panel that helps you adding banners and Google Adsense code. You don’t need to edit the source code anymore.

Check it out:

triqui wordpress arcade theme

And here the screen shot from the admin panel:

triqui arcade theme settings


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  1. hey daniel…
    i was wondring wether you could PLEASE add this feature as an optional option?:
    Letting any user upload their game.
    Like newgrounds does. And anyone can put their game up.

  2. great theme, i like the reduced style and the logo!

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