MyArcadeBlog 1.5 released!

First of all, I would like to thank everybody for the great feedback. For improvements and further developments of this plugin the feedback is essential.

In three weeks the plugin has been downloaded over 500 times! I didn’t know that there are so many people who are interested on creating arcade web sites with wordpress…

If you don’t know what MyArcadeBlog is, please read here and then come back and read the rest. 😉

Since last version some bugs were reported and I hope that the issues are fixed now.

What has changed in version 1.5?

  • Game thumbnails will be shown when adding games to blog
    • This is nothing special. Only a little gadget.


  • Check, if the feed has been downloaded successfully
    • A small routine checks if the feed has been downloaded or if you got an 404 Error because of invalid Mochiads URL or Mochiads ID.


  • SWF file names will be decoded before saving (%20-problem)
    • Some users reported a problem with white spaces at swf file names. This problem should be solved now. The swf file names will be decoded before adding them into the database and your web space.
  • White spaces will be removed from MochiadsURL and MochiadsID
    • Another problem with white spaces.. 🙂 Now the unintentionally white spaces will be automatically removed

Special Announcement

Many many thanks to following users they have made donations for MyArcadeBlog:

  • DirtyAngel
  • Spoonz
  • Aydrian
  • sachin84

Thank you for appreciating my work. Guys, if you need special features, let me know…

Where to download MyArcadeBlog?


16 Kommentare

  1. thank you … plugin nice ..
    I would add options ..
    select a folder to download games ..
    select a folder to download thumbs .
    add option to change (Use Fields)
    thumbs does not show in my theme.
    how Can I use a thumbails

  2. Hey.

    I have a lot of %20 in my SWF file names and in the database. The corresponding posts do not load… What is a quick and easy way of fixing?



    PS. Looking forward to your guide on displaying post categories on the index page with random games inside 😀 😀

    • Hi Perry,
      Bad news: at the moment there is no easy way to fix that 🙁
      Not so bad news: I will try to release a little fix for that..
      Goog news: The guide about random posts will be published tomorow 🙂

  3. Exellent job Daniel, thanks for the FAST fix – updating my site now…

    Dr T

  4. Hi again
    im totaly Dumb Fu**k

    i dont know how to add ads 125×125 other banners is on but i dont unders stand that ad_125.php
    <a href=“/“><img src=“/ads/banner.gif“ border=“0″ alt=““ /> where and i put banner pic and where is go to that link.

    and sorry about my english 🙂

    • Hi Tanel,
      there are two options:

      1. You have images as banner:
        1. In your theme directory, there is a folder called „ads“. Put there your banner image.
        2. Open ad_125.php and replace „banner.gif“ with your own image.
        3. The link to the banner site goes here: <a href=“http://LINK_HERE/“>
      2. You have a banner code:
        • Replace everything beetwen <li> and </li> with your banner code
  5. nothing 🙁

    does /ads/NAME_OF_BANNER_IMAGE can be banner pic address or i need to upload pic to the ads folder ?

    • Hi Tanel,
      If you have a pic adress you don’t need to upload this image. Put your pic Adress here: >img src=“http://YOUR_PIC_ADRESS“ border=“0″ alt=““ …

  6. it cant read images in ads folder or something or somewhere else :S

  7. very very very sorry to spam here i found my own mistake 🙁

    i notice first it show all ads in Internet explorer
    then i noticed i gor ABP ads block protect plug in on firefox what a dum im :S

    thanx for help Daniel again 🙂

  8. Hi Daniel.
    Sorry to bugging you again 😛
    as we can see that not all games(swf) is friendly with our themes, some games are wider than other.
    and that make our themes look awful (not fit to DIV area) just like

    could you make a fix width to the SWF games that apply to our themes and make them go full screen if certain button is pressed.
    just suggestion though

  9. ähm, sind hier jetzt deutschsprachige Kommentare völlig unerwünscht, oder kann ich mich auch mit der deutschen Sprache verständigen?

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