MyArcadeBlog Pro v3.00 – Available Now!

We have worked hard and finally we can present you the new version. Now, MyArcadeBlog Pro v3.00 is fully compatible with WordPress 3.0. But we have not only worked on the Plugins, we have also enhanced the FunGames Theme. We have integrated BuddyPress templates to get the theme fully compatible with the latest BuddyPress version.

Back to the best WordPress Arcade Plugin EVER! With this new version, you can easy import Embed Codes and Iframe Codes from other sites. Just add the embed code, upload a thumbnail, choose a category, write your game description and publish the game. Importing embed codes was never so easy!

These are the changes on MyArcadeBlog Pro:

  • Added: Cron feeding for HeyZap games
  • Added: Check if HeyZap max. width is set. If not, the width will be set to 800px while feeding games
  • Added: Delete game scores when deleting a game
  • Added: New Import Method: Embed Codes
  • Added: New Import Method: Iframe Codes
  • Added: Pagination on manage games. Ability to browse the entire game catalogue
  • Fix:   WP 3.0 warning when activate the Plugin
  • Fix: WP 3.0 no duplicate categories when save settings
  • Fix:   WP 3.0 no warnings when a category is already present
  • Fix:   When use custom import method, category selection doesn’t work
  • Fix:   Wrong categories after publishing of edited games from game manager
  • Fix:   When use IBPArcade import method, category selection doesn’t work
  • Fix:   MySQL query fix to speed up „Add games to blog“ (Thx Irwanto)

Changes on MyScoresPresenter:

  • Added: Link to BuddyPress profiles
  • Added: HighScores for BuddyPress profile pages
  • Added: Themplate file based Score output on BuddyPress profile pages
  • Added: User Score Widget when BuddyPress is installed

Changes on FunGames Theme:

  • Added: BuddyPress templates

Read more about MyArcadeBlog Pro:

WordPress Arcade Plugin

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  1. Gibt es schon eine Demo mit BuddyPress? Derzeit läuft ja Mingle.

  2. I have version 2.0 is there an update to 3.0?

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