MyArcadeBlog Pro Released

We are proud to present you a new dimension of WordPress Plugins. Transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing arcade games portal using Mochimedia, Custom and IBPArcade games. There are over 15.000 available free games on the Internet.

MyArcadeBlog Pro is an improved and enhanced version of the well-known Plugin MyArcadeBlog.

I’m having problems with some guys who are selling my Plugin „MyArcadeBlog“, so I decided to stop developing the free version and to offer an enhanced version called MyArcadeBlog Pro. They are making money with my hard work! That’s insane!!!

MyArcadeBlog Pro is not just a Plugin! It’s a COLLECTION! If you purchase MyArcadeBlog Pro you will get MyGameListCreator and the FunGames Theme for FREE!

Read more about MyArcadeBlog Pro:

MyArcadeBlog Pro WordPress Plugin

Note: All donators will get MyArcadeBlog Pro (without MyGameListCeator and FunGames Theme) for FREE! Just send me an email!

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  1. damn…….i enjoyed the free one mainly because it was free. thanks alot 🙁

    way too much. 🙁

  2. cant you let previous users have it free or a discount….im sorry but i feel ripped off. One minute i was told you were going to update and now u force people to pay/.

    • Hi cjschrissouth,
      You can continue to use the free version. If there are problems or errors, I’ll fix this but no new features. I think $19.95 is not too much because Plugin development is hard work. By the way, the other guys who sell my Plugin claim $49!!!

      cjschrissouth, you will or you are making money with your arcade site, right? Then it will be no problem to pay $19.95 for your money-bringing Plugins and theme…

  3. yeah… there a way to preview it.
    btw…..i guess 20$ isn’t too much but I haven’t made a cent from my site so….i guess I’ll be keeping non pro for now. Thanks for being so helpful

  4. When will work the leaderboard function? If this work, I will buy MyArcadeBlog Pro!

  5. awesome awesome awesome!!!! I’ve set up my site with myarcadeblog pro and it’s awesome!!!! Now I’m able to import all my ibp games! How awesome is that??? 😀 THX A LOT! Can’t wait for leaderboard support! Keep it going..

    • Thx 🙂
      I’m working on this function. I need to modify the FunGames Theme for that and to integrate a nice user panel. It should take 1 or 2 weeks. 🙂

  6. If I buy this product now, will I get the updated version for the themes and plugin such as the leaderboard and feed cron function (as they are still in development)? If yes, I’ll buy it now. Thanks

  7. Product received already. Waiting for the updates soon. Thanks

  8. is there any demo of this product ? i want to see how this plugin works.3

  9. Hi,
    I try setup the MyArcadeBlog Pro, and every time when I put all date I have information „You have selected a special category but not entered a valid Mochi ID!“. In free verion everything was OK. What I do wrong. Please help me.

    • Hi Roman,
      if you use special categories (Conis enabled, leaderboard or featured) you have to enter you MochiID. If you don’t have a MochiID you have to select „All“ at special categories. Then it should work fine 🙂

  10. can you please add a feature that lets users upload their own games?

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