MyArcadeBlog Pro – Leaderboard Support

The new version of MyArcadeBlog Pro is out there. Now, MyArcadeBlog Pro will save players scores if the user is logged in and if the Leaderboard support is enabled in the game.

Just activate the Leaderboard support and enter your Mochimedia Secret Key. You are also able to activate global scores. That means, that users ingame scores will be shown with all global scores of a single game.

With this release of MyArcadeBlog Pro you will get an other premium Plugin called MyScoresPresenter for FREE! With this great Plugin you can present stored scores on your site. You can easily change scores templates from the admin area:

With MyScoresPresenter you can present:

  • Most Active Players
  • Latest Scores
  • Todays Scores
  • Best Players Of A Single Game

Do you want more informations about MyArcadeBlog Pro?

MyArcadeBlog Pro v2.2

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