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MyArcadeBlog Pro 2.60 Released!

The new version of MyArcadeBlog Pro is out there! There are a lot of new features that we have added in the last two releases.

The most significant one is the support for HeyZap games. Now you will be able to feed HeyZap games automatically with just one click! The other one will give you the possibility to edit games before publishing. Thereby you can translate games to your language, edit tags and change game categories.

Countless features make MyArcadeBlog Pro to the best WordPress Arcade Plugin EVER!

These are the new features from the last two releases:

  • HeyZap support
  • Offset feeding for Mochi and HeyZap games
  • Edit games before publishing
  • Auto embedding of SWF files (No theme editing needed)
  • Template based post styling
  • Widgets for High-Scores

Do you need more informations about MyArcadeBlog Pro?

MyArcadeBlog Pro v2.60

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How do I upgrade from MyArcadeBlog Pro 2.31?



Having a bit of trouble feeding games again.

Your Feed URL: http://www.mochimedia.com/feeds/games/API KEY/featured_games/?format=json
Downloading feed..OKDecode feed..

Then it cuts off. Worked fine for feeding Premium and Coin Enabled games.



Ah, I have fixed it. No worries 🙂

For future reference, Kloxo had inserted PHP config values into my .htaccess which overrode my php.ini values. So the memory_limit value was considerably less than 256M


Just upgraded, I fill heyzap detail but after saving the heyzap details disappear again

plz help