MyArcadeBlog: Create Your Own WordPress Arcade Blog like!

You love games and you want your own flash game site but you don’t know how to make this? There is nothing easier than that…

Make this with only TWO clicks: 1. Feed Games, 2. Add Games To Blog !

How it works?

I’ve created a WordPress Plugin named “MyArcadeBlog” that puts your WordPress blog into an arcade games web site. “MyArcadeBlog” can publish and download flash games from Mochiads automatically for you. Get over 7000 games from Mochiads only with a few clicks.

admin_menuOnce installed, you’ll find a control panel in your WordPress admin menu. There you can change your settings, feed and publish games.

If you click on My Arcade you will get an overview of your arcade blog.

At the overview page you will see your actual settings. If you don’t have games in your game cue, your will get a warning: “You have NO unpublished games”. At this point you have to “Feed Games” to get brand new games from Mochiads. This Plugin will only feed a defined number of games. A limit can be set at the settings page of the Plugin.



The settings page is very simple so that everyone can setup this Plugin. There you can set

  • Your Mochiads ID
  • Feed Games limit – If you use this limit only a defined number of new games will be added from Mochiads
  • Publish Games Limit – This number defines how many games should be added to your blog at one click
  • Publish Status
  • Publish means that games will be published immediately after click on “Games To Blog”
  • Scheduled means that there is a defined time (in minutes) between publishing the games
  • Download games to your web space
  • Download game thumbnails your web space
  • Game categories which should be published on your blog

Here you can see a screen shot from administration settings of the Plugin:


You have to use this posts meta in your theme:

  • Game (Flash Embeddcode): <?php echo get_game($post->ID); ?>
  • Thumbnail URL: <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, “thumbnail_url”, true); ?>
  • Game Description:  <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, “description”, true); ?>
  • Game Instructions: <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, “instructions”, true); ?>

Where to put this code lines?

  1. index.php – Thumbnail, Description
  2. single.php – Game Embeddcode, Thumbnail, Description, Instructions
  3. archive.php – Thumbnail, Description
  4. search.php – Thumbnail, Description

Please download the example theme CSS Gallery to see how it’s done.


If you like this plugin, don’t forget do donate 😉


Where can I see this Plugin in action?

Visit to see it in action..

Next week I will post a example theme for wordpress based on CSSGallery-Theme. Here are two screenshots:



Need more features??

Do you need more features, a second brand new Plugin and a great Theme then check

MyArcadeBlog Pro

140 Kommentare

  1. So it actual downloads the games and you host them correct? Because I know you wont earn w/ Mochi if you dont host the games.

    • This plugin downloads the games to your host and you will be paid from mochiads. You only have to set your hostname in your mochiads profile.

  2. Alright, thanks this will be a great plugin

  3. WOW, Its a great plugin. I am going to install it on my WordPress.

    Please update me when you will launch Templates.


  4. Hi,
    I have installed your plugin on my site, „“. The instruction or the games do not appear. Please Help.

    • @David:
      You have to add this line into you single.php
      ID); ?>
      and game instructions can be shown with this line:
      ID, “instructions”, true); ?>

      Tomorrow, I will publish a wordpress theme optimized for MyArcadeBlog

  5. When I do the „Feed Games“ it fails (I get the Red OK).

    Any recommendations for troubleshooting?

    If I echo the $mochi_feed variable and visit it direct, it works. So the URL is good. The file_get_contents() is failing.

    • Hi amishgeek,
      it seems that allow_url_fopen is set to 0 in your PHP configuration.

      Try putting this into the myarcade_prepare_environment() function (Line about 818 in myarcadeblog.php):
      ini_set (‚allow_url_fopen‘, 1);

      If this doesn’t work for you, I will update the plugin with a new method to downlaod files.


  6. Can I create a page – like a Game Room link – or will this become the front page of my site? I only want the games in a link and not the main focus of my site.

    • Hi BigAl,
      this plugin will feed games from mochiads and post the games on your blog. You can deside in your theme, how the page should apear, but I recommend to use it only on game sites.

  7. when I press feed button , It’s show error

    Call to undefined function: json_decode() in /wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog.php on line 509

    Please help

    • Hi good games:
      Which version of PHP do you use?
      You need at least PHP 5.2.0.

      Tell me if you are not able to update your PHP version..

  8. Nice plugin, thank you very much. By the way, how can i translate it to other languages? And how can i submit my score after playing, i want to make a high score list.

  9. thank you very much, i install the plugin in my site, it works very well !

  10. The Plugin has been updated:

    – Added new download method for feed, games and thumbs. if allow_url_fopen is
    set to 0 the plugin will use cURL for downloading files.

  11. Nice plugin. Is there anyway to display the games on a page not on a post?…Just like putting some nice code on a new page.

  12. Hi,
    I would like to know when the theme will be ready and where to get it? Thanks

  13. I am receiving the following message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c03/h04/mnt/56746/domains/ on line 548

    What should I do?

  14. hello first of all thank this great plugin
    I managed to add a list of games and posts are the images and the description of the game but there is no link where you can click to play any game with how this works? Just added a post in the name and image of the game? Can you help me?

    I tried adding these lines of code as your saying, but not exactly in my template file that I should add:

    * Game (Flash Embeddcode): ID);?>
    * Thumbnail URL: ID, „thumbnail_url“, true);?>
    * Game Description: ID, „description“, true);?>
    * Game Instructions: ID, „instructions“, true);?>

    appreciate it if someone help me I’m a newbie if I have to deal with php code

  15. I’m at PHP Version 5.2.6

  16. Hi mundodigital,
    You have to put … get_game($post->ID); in your single.php.
    You can download the example theme so see how to use this lines:

  17. @Laurent
    try this please:
    – Create a new php file (test.php)
    – Put this line into it:

    – Run this file:
    – What you see? an „OK“ or „Not OK“?

  18. I got the response „OK“

  19. BTW, Thank you so much for taking the time to help! I am basically an amateur and you’re going above and beyond!

  20. When you „Feed Games“, do you get a red OK?
    Downloading feed..
    Decode feed..

  21. I got this message before my error.

    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed.. OK

  22. I got this error:
    „Game download failed! Ignore this game..“

    Please help me.. thanks

  23. Yes i get, i noted that CURL failed… can you send me allow_url_fopen method…?
    I see just CURL is used, thanks

  24. Plugin updated to Version 1.3
    – Bug fixing

  25. Working… Excellent… You’re the best developer in the world. Thanks

  26. Will you still earn money off since the game is being downloaded to your server? cuz in the faq it says you wont? and also how is the bandwidth? does it use alot? also if you still earn money off and with ads its a deal deal right if not then 🙁

    • Hi Joseph,
      you will earn money if you download the games but you need a lot of bandwith. If you had limited bandwith, I would suggest you to use only ads (e.g Adsense) and don’t download the games. Furthermore, mochiads earnings are very very low.

  27. Hello Daniel,
    i have this error message:

    Warning: file_get_contents( ?format=json&limit=100) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! in /home/www/web5/html/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 505
    Can’t download Feed from Mochiads!

    please, what can i do?

  28. Whenever I Feed Games I get the following

    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed.. OK
    No new games found!
    You can try to increase the number of „Feed Games“ at the settings page or wait until Mochiads updates the feed.

    I’ve set Feed games to blank – 999 and still get the same error.

  29. Jetzt mal in Deutsch, Vielen Dank für die schnelle Reaktion, hab die ID nochmal neu eingegeben und bekomme jetzt diese Meldung:
    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed..
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_decode() in /home/www/web5/html/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 565

    was müsste ich jetzt noch machen?

    • Hi Johny,
      so wie’s aussieht, verwendest Du eine ältere PHP Version oder die verwendete PHP Version wurde ohne JSON Support kompiliert. Kannst Du bitte prüfen, welche PHP Version auf dem Server läuft?

  30. I have no unpublished games and I selected all the categories but I still get the same error.
    running PHP Version 5.2.6
    Tried to use JSON and got the same error as Johny did.

  31. PS: I Tried JSON and got same error as Johny, but switched back t o the XML and the error I showed you before is what I get.

  32. Woah!

    Went to try this; ID-xxx/all/all?format=json&limit=100
    and it works!

  33. Hi Daniel,
    hier die Daten:
    PHP Version 5.2.6
    und unter Configure Command habe ich ja ne menge an funktionen und eine
    nennt sich so: –enable-json=shared‘ ‚–
    hoffe das hilft als info zum eingrenzen des Fehlers 😉

  34. Hi Daniel !

    I downloaded your plugin and works fine with the CSS theme .

    But still I could not get that your plugin work well in a wordpress theme.

    I managed to add a list of games and posts are the images and the description of the game

    but there is no link where you can click to play any game.

    I see your single.php in CSS Theme but I don’t know how to integrate this in to my wordpress theme.

    I’m sorry I don’t know what I must I do because I don’t understand programming in php

    • Hi mundodigital,
      integrate ID); ?> into your single.php to show a playable game.
      WP-Ratings is a very nice plugin. It should work also with your wordpress installation. Try to reinstall.

  35. @Johny
    German: Schau bitte, ob Du in der phpinfo Ausgabe json support enabled vorhanden ist.

    For other people with the same problem: Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_decode()
    JSON support has to be enabled in the php configuration.


  36. Hai Daniel,
    habe nichts gefunden was dem endspricht, ist aber ne Menge an infos, hier der Link zur
    was muss ich machen wenn das fehlt, grübel ?

    • Hi Johny,
      du solltest deinen Webhoster kontaktieren. Er soll JSON Support einschalten, weil das eigentlich Standard ist.
      Einfach eine freundliche Mail schreiben. Das Einschalten sollte kein Problem sein.

  37. Firstly, thank you very much for creating the awesome MyArcadeBlog script:)

    I have been working on my own custom wordpress theme and integrating your script into it. I’ve been at it for about 2 weeks(I’m not a php guy:) and have finally become stuck.

    I have read all the documentation and also studied the CSS Gallery theme without luck so I thought I would drop you a line.

    Here’s my problem:

    My blog setup will have posts manually created by hand as well as the MyArcadeBlog system generated posts.
    I need my single.php to know if it should call „ID); ?>“ or not depending on whether or not MyArcadeBlog created the post. If it did: show the get_game code, if not: don’t show the code.

    I have messed around a LOT with stuff like this:
    <?php if (blah blah blah) : ?>
    <div align=“center“>
    <?php echo get_game($post->ID); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    …but I havent a clue:)

    Thanks in advance and sorry for taking your time with this!

    Yours sincerely,


    • Hi Lars,
      that’s very simple. Game posts have extra post meta fields. You only have to check if e.g. game_swf is empty. If it is empty means that you have a normal post.
      Here is a code example:
      // Check if this is a game
      $game_url = get_post_meta($post->ID, „swf_url“, true);
      if ($game_url) {
      // This post is a game
      echo get_game($post->ID);
      else {
      // This is a normal post
      // Do here what you want
      echo „<h2>This is not a Game</h2>“;

  38. Hi i got problem whit feed
    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed.. Can’t decode Json Feed! i dont know how to fix it version is 1.3

    • Hi Tanel,
      JSON support has to be enabled in the php configuration.

      I’ve updated the plugin. Now it checks if you have the right PHP version and if JSON support is enabled

  39. Hey thank you very much!

    I changed „This is not a Game</h2“ to ‚This is not a Game</h2‘ to fix an error this code was giving me but now its echoing This is not a Game</h2 for all my posts, even ones without a „swf_url“ post meta.

    Maybe I need some sleep lol. Will try again in the morning.

  40. hi daniel. after i installed this plugin in my other website ( ) there is some thing cross in my mind
    1. would you like to add some cron job to automatically Update the feed.
    2. If i want to add some custom game or some games packages (ex: ) what should i do?
    Do i have to insert the database into „myarcadegames“ or „posts“.
    just suggestion though.
    Thank for your great plugins. chers

    • Hi Geronimo,
      I will see what I can do.
      If you want to add some custom games you have to write your own functions to add this into your wordpress installation. Perhaps you can send me your pachage file (SQL or other) with your game informations and I will try to implement an import function into MyArcadeBlog Plugin.

  41. On my site the feed works but all I get is the thumbs but no games!! Do I really have to manually connect the games? 🙁

    • Hi joseph,
      Please remove the white space after „<" (< ?php echo get_game($post->ID); ?>)

      You can take a look at the sample theme „CSS Gallery“.

  42. this is the sql file daniel
    and this is where i get the custom game
    thx for your time

  43. I will try it tomorrow, sounds great!, Thank you from Mexico

  44. Hello Daniel,
    must say, I’m impressed with the pluigin – however, I have major headache with it, feed games keeps complaining about not being able to decode Json feed – PHP is 5.2.6 on Debian 4, and I’ve verified the feed link with FIrefox, so it should be okay.. please advice.
    Dr T

  45. Hiya Daniel, it’s me again mate.

    Could you please double check this piece of code because no matter what I do I can’t get it to work:

    ID, “swf_url”, true);
    if ($game_url) {
    // This post is a game
    echo get_game($post->ID);
    else {
    // This is a normal post
    // Do here what you want
    echo ‚This is not a Game‘;

    For me it always says „This is not a game“ even if there is one.

    Thanks in advance for you time!


    • Hi Lars.
      can you send me your link?
      Try this:

      1. open single.php
      2. find <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
      3. Put the code example after this line
  46. Well, I finally sorted it:P Probably an obvious thing to you gurus out there but no to me lol!

    I changed this:

    ID, „swf_url“, true);
    if ($game_url) {
    echo get_game($post->ID);
    else {
    echo “;

    To this:

    ID, swf_url, true);
    if ($game_url) {
    echo get_game($post->ID);
    else {
    echo “;

    It was the speech marks around „swf_url“ that was causing the problem.

    Thanks for a GREAT script Daniel!!

  47. btw: I learned LOTS while I fiddled around getting this to work:P

  48. I got a problem it says „cant dowload feed from mochiads!“
    i’m using hosting from byethost

    • Hi Tommy,
      please check your php settings. You need to have allow_url_fopen OR curl enabled to download external files like mochisads feed.

  49. thank …. thank you Daniel

    this file single.php :

    ID, ‚template‘, true);

    // load custom single post template
    if ($tplkey == true) {
    include_once TEMPLATEPATH.’/single-‚.$tplkey.‘.php‘;
    } else {
    include_once TEMPLATEPATH.’/single-normal.php‘;

    how can „swf“ shows ? is there a advanced or paid for myarcadeblog and mochiads?

    i hope to add more options:
    – Select category for inclusion of feed games ?
    – Plugin installed on any theme easily ?

    • Hi r-sn,
      to show SWF you only have to add: „<?php echo get_game($post->ID); ?glt;“ to your single.php

      MyArcadeBlog is completely free but if you like my plugin you can make a little donation 😉

      Select category for inclusion of feed games ?

      I don’t no what you meen exactly but you can select game categories. Just go to MyArcadeBlog Settings and select game categories.

      Plugin installed on any theme easily ?

      MyArcadeBlog is written for pure arcade game sites. For that reason standard wordpress themes have do be modified a little bit. 🙂


      P.S @ALL

  50. Daniel,
    was wondering what happened to the google.php ( if I get it from the orgiinal theme will it work) and to you know of a replacement for shiftthis | thumbnail size?
    I am trying to get the banner adds working.

    • Hi Bob,
      To get Banner ads working you only have to put your ad codes into following files:


      Here you can put everything you want. It is not only restricted to Adsense.

  51. Hi.

    I was wondering how do you display each category on the main page with random games in each category like on


    • Hi Perry,
      thank you for your request.
      I write a how to. It will be published in two days, hope so. In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to show random games from each category on the front page.


      P.S. @ ALL

  52. Great plugin but im having some issues when i go to feed games…

    Downloading feed..
    Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in xxxxxxxxx/myarcadeblog.php on line 523
    Can’t download Feed from Mochiads!

  53. Daniel: I found one reason why some games don’t appear at all in some cases – it’s %20 all over again. If the game name have spaces, they get replaced with the usual %20 on download, and even though the link in game page is ok, swf does not get loaded – I tried one of mine, and replaces %20 in filenames and swf url with minus character (file-name.swf *LOL*) and presto, everything worked okay. What I would suggest is, that when myarcadeblog downloads file from mochiads feed, it should automagically replace those pesky spaces with minus sign.

    Oh well, now I need to fix my own game site.. 4500+ games already downloaded, so this ill take some time.. 🙂

    Dr T

  54. Daniel: I don’t have any errors in my logs, but you can check out URL – it doesn’t show any SWF, and by checking page source you can see there is actually %20 in the filename (zombie%20herder.swf) in embed line, this is the problematic part here. I believe plugin should at least urldecode the filename, by looking at source PHP there is only basename used, this should fix %20 nicely. Since it’s not my own code, I prefer not to tinker with it too much 🙂

    Dr T

  55. No problemo, always happy to assist!
    Dr T

  56. Hi,

    It looks like a great plugin.
    I’m curious to know if there is any real potential to make money with mochiads.
    Anyone got any facts to share?

    • Hi Dave,
      it does not pay to download games from mochiads if you have limited bandwidth because they pay very very bad. It’s better to use Google Adsense..

      You can look to

  57. hi,
    is there any chance for plugin for php4?
    i can`t change the php version on my server, i mean my admin refused to do it…

  58. Hi! I run, the premier online community where women go for all things geek. We currently have a full wordpress site/blog. I would love to have a page of games from Mochi Ads as we did register as a publisher. But I am totally lost on how to accomplish this. We know there is a market for Mochi games as our game of the week is extremely popular. Please let me know if you know how we can add a Mochi game page in to We don’t want to make the site a full portal, we want to add some games for our users to play.

    Thank you for your help and have a great day, Trina CEO/Founder

  59. First Thank you for that great plugin but i wanna ask u something i added my mochi id but i am looking mochi publisher statics there is no impression what is the problem i dont understand …

    • @Darker,
      thank you.
      You have to enable „download games“ if you want do be payed from mochiads only then you will see any stats on mochiads page.

  60. Hello,

    I would like to say i like your plugin, but i cant get it to work. I get the feeds and got all the thumbnails showing the games and have lots of games downloaded, but „How do you play them?“
    Please help. I’m really new at this.

  61. I love it. I missed your help for the „SAPCE“ to delete. It works. 😛

  62. Daniel, Awesome work on the plugin and theme!! I would like to import games from some other RSS/XML feeds. I notice a „custom“ field in the import games section, but right now it will only import individual game files, not hosted games. I can give you more details via e-mail, but I’m curious about implementing this feature.

    • @PlayFreeGames: Please send me more details.
      @Webmaster Blog: That’s strange. Can you send me a screenshot of your settings an your overview page? Thx

      Does anyone else has problems with scheduled games?

  63. a wpmu version please….
    let us hardcode the mochi id and not shown in plugin option menu.
    also that all blog under one single wpmu can have the same game without re-download


  64. littlemacster

    Daniel, I love the plugin, it makes my life easier. I get this error on two sites when I try to update the feed. Any ideas?

    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed..
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 37857037 bytes) in /home/icanhas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 657


    • Hi littlemacster,
      you can try to increase memory_limit. Open the myarcadebog.php, find the function PrepareEnvirionment and change the value of memory_limit to „96M“.


    i increase memory limit to 128M and still get the same error.
    i think you should breaks down the process into smaller pieces to lower the memory usage and cpu resources. not all of us have dedicated server…
    maybe process 500feed at once and then refresh to process another 500 until all process complete…

  66. Hello

    Ok not sure what is going wrong, I am using the 1.8 version and it says the mochi feed is wrong 🙁

    using correct username as well

  67. Hi,
    This is absolutely great plugin and i have made it work but i am looking for more themes for this plug in. Please give me the one you are using at fungames24 or any other theme. Please.


  68. Wow! Das Script sieht mal richtig genial aus. Kannte bisher nur ein ähnliches Script, welches jedoch nicht für WordPress entwickelt war sondern ein eigenes CSS integriert hatte …

    Werd mir das Script in jedem fall mal ansehen und schauen was sich alles damit anfangen lässt 🙂

  69. I used your method. I am currently working on it. However, I also like to look for more theme choices.

  70. Hi Daniel,
    I used your plugin and worked fine until now.Every time i Add games to blog, i get Page not found. Pls help i promise a donation

  71. i emailed you the screenshot and details on your email address used for paypal

  72. hi Tommy@ arcade,
    open myarcadeblog.php and find if (ini_get('allow_url_fopen')) . Change that code with if (ini_get('allow_url_fopen') == 'on')

  73. thx cindul. I’ve updated 1.8. Now I check the apache settings like this:
    if ( (ini_get(‚allow_url_fopen‘) == 1) || (strtolower (ini_get(‚allow_url_fopen‘)) == ‚on‘) ) …

  74. hey i use this plugins but i get some warning and eror can u help me

    WARNING! Can’t set value for max_execution_time. If MyArcadeBlog doesn’t work properly please contact your administrator to increase the value of max_execution_time to 300

    WARNING! Can’t set value for memory_limit. If MyArcadeBlog doesn’t work properly please contact your administrator to increase the value of memory_limit to 64M

    Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/nikkoccanl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 1286

    WARNING! Can’t set value for time_limit. If MyArcadeBlog doesn’t work properly please contact your administrator to increase the value of time_limit to 300

    can u help me

  75. awesome product…i’ve purchased the myarcadeblog pro…love it

  76. man great plugin 🙂

  77. Hi Daniel. I’m using your great plugin. It worked, I have over 200 games but it’s „stuck“ on a game.. it tries to download starcraft2-pros-flash-tower-defense but fails. Probably because of it’s filesize of 34MB. 
    I click on Games to Blog and nothing’s Flash Tower Defense
    Categories: StrategyThumbnail download OK!

    that’s it .. no error codes .. no nothing.. 
    what can I do? 

  78. I tried but it’s still not working 🙁

  79. oh .. the problem must be from my provider which is hostgator …
    PHP settings that cannot be changed
    PHP has been configured to use the following settings on our shared and reseller servers:
    safe mode = offmemory_limit = 64M MAXIMUMmax_execution_time = 30 MAXIMUMpost_max_size = 64M MAXIMUMupload_max_filesize = 64M MAXIMUMenable_dl = Off

  80. hi daniels. my game not show in my site, do you have a solution how to solve it. it been 2 night i don’t sleep because of this.

  81. the problem is i can’t play game. in homepage, the post title, description and instruction about game works fine. but when i click thats post and want to play game. this game not show. overgame.php and undergame.php work fine, where is the game? i tried to change it, but i dont know how to change. can you please help me daniels?

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