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Update: Download MyArcadePlugin Lite for Free on Github or buy the Professional Version on MyArcadePlugin Site.

Hello together. Finally I found some time to update MyArcadePlug.

Before I continue with current changes, I would like to present you a few statistics about this WordPress Arcade Plugin.

MyArcadePlug was downloaded over 1.500 times and got 5 ratings.

There are over 200 sites using MyArcadeBlog to make awesome arcade sites.

I would like to thank „dny“ for the generous donation!

If you don’t know what MyArcadeBlog is, see this post.


This update does not bring many new features with itself. It contains mainly enhancements and adjustments. Thus, three new categories

  • Education
  • Rhythm
  • Strategy

were added and the category „HighScores“ was removed.

An additional custom field for content rating was added. This can be used to show, if a game is suitable for teens or adults. The rating of a game can be shown with the following instruction:

The last change of this update concerns the check of already existing games. Additionally to the “uuid” the “game_tag” will be checked. Thus the chance of double games will be reduced even more.

Where to download MyArcadePlug?


Do you have any wishes? What features are you missing?

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  1. Hello.

    I am having trouble with 1.8. When I try to feed games, I used to get PHP memory errors, However I changed my root PHP settings and I got rid of them, however now I just this;

    My Arcade Blog
    Feed Games
    Your Feed URL:**************?format=json

    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed..

    And then that’s all that happens.

    What is happening?



  2. Hi
    please, help me
    I have a problem on myblogearcade
    when I try to feed games to my blog
    I got this message
    My Arcade Blog
    Feed Games
    Your Feed URL:

    Downloading feed.. OK
    Decode feed..

    and nothing else !!
    please help
    thank you
    (I use version 1.8)

  3. yeah it works..
    but I need to feed more games
    please tell me how can I ??

  4. another thing
    am using you plugin about one month ago
    but till now when I go to mochi
    I find this

    Sep 01 – Sep 27 (Change Dates)

    can you help me??
    thank you

    • Hi Mohamed,

      ..but I need to feed more games..

      That’s an issue of your hoster. I’m working on a workaround. I think with the next update it should be ok.

      Earnings: $0.00

      To get payed from mochi you have to download the games to your webspace an you have to add you webspace adress to your mochi account settings.


    problem when we click on game to blog while we have not yet set correct permission on games folder. games cannot installed but it’s marked as installed.

    how we fix this? how we correctly re-installed those games?


    • ok. I will take a look and fix this with the next release. For re-installing games you have to edit the game row in your database. Set the game status from „published“ to „new“. For this you can use phpmyadmin. With the next releases I will implement an option to reinstall games.

      Thx for reporting that issue.

  6. thank you for answering me
    So, I will not get paid until I download the games?

    • Yes, only for downloaded games you will be paid. I would to dissuade from downloading games. You need a lot of you bandwidth and get miserable pay. Instead of that, you can use Google Adsense or something else. With AdSense you can make good money.

  7. Great plugin! Thanks a lot!

    One suggestion, please allow admin to upload .swf file without needs to input ‚width‘ and ‚height‘, let the plugin automatically decide it’s W and H. But allow admin to edit the W and H.
    That would save a lot of time when importing games. Thanks!

  8. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  9. Thank you, I will try on my site. Goodbye 🙂

  10. i used this theme h**p:// but i have problems can you make it working with this theme ?

  11. 404 File not found
    please reopload the plugin

  12. hi there
    when i try to feed game i got this massage
    ((((WARNING! Can’t set value for time_limit. If MyArcadeBlog doesn’t work properly please contact your administrator to increase the value of time_limit to 300)))
    what is that mean

    • Hi ehab el-wasiff,
      MyArcadeBlog tries to avoid timeouts while feeding games. For that it increases the value of time_limit. When your server block the changing of this variable MyArcadeBlog will show you that warning. It’s only a warning, not an error. If you have problems feeding a lot of games, contact your server administrator to increase time_limit manually.


  13. Hi, I am trying to install the plugins, and import the games, however it appears that only the contents are on the pages, without the thumbs and the games. Can you please guide how should install the plugin properly?

  14. Can’t I use any other theme? does it have to change the codes also? Now I am uploading the theme in the server.

  15. You can use other themes, but you have to make some changes at the code. I can do it for you if you wish. Send me the theme link and I will make you an offer.

  16. When I upload my games it says.
    „Game Upload Successful

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/cjsaucom/public_html/games/wp-content/thumbs/_thumb_100x100.png) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/cjsaucom/public_html/games/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 1116

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‚/tmp/phpSGtqV0‘ to ‚/home/cjsaucom/public_html/games/wp-content/thumbs/_thumb_100x100.png‘ in /home/cjsaucom/public_html/games/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 1116

    Can’t upload game thumb.“

    Please help!

  17. Daniel,

    I want to use “ magazine basic“ theme. Can you confirgure that for me. There are certain things: you will be only putting the posts by the category. and not the posts only on the home page.

    just put the category(as title) and under that the posts 5 per category.
    The home page should display 12 categories, 2 on each row.
    I found that in the theme CSS, the posts could not be edited, please do not block that.
    I need just the plugins should be implemented as it is with the above mentioned features, and not the theme should get entirely changed.

  18. thanks for b4.
    btw is there another theme?
    Other than CSS GalleryTheme

  19. Daniel, will you work on my theme? I haven’t heard from you. Please reply.

    • Hi Jit Mukherjee,
      I’m working at the moment on the new release and on a theme release. After the release I’ll take a look. I’ve already downloaded the magazine basic theme. 🙂

  20. Hi there,
    I have problem posting games to the blog. When I click on „games to blog“ I get a „page cannot be found“ and the games are not uploaded.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Zuhair,
      Do you have Yet Another Related Posts Plugin installed? If yes, try to deactivate this plugin. If not, witch plugins do you have installed?

  21. Hey there,
    I didn’t have Yet Another Related Posts plugin installed, but I had the Similar Posts plugin installed which I deactivated and deleted.
    Still no change. I also have the all-in-one SEO plugin installed.

    I don’t know why, but three games are showing up on my homepage.

  22. I finally got it working, I had to disable the „download games“ option, which I really didn’t want to do. Great plugin mate!
    Should find a way to fix the download games option.

  23. I am use css gallery theme and myarcadeblog free,My setting is download thumbs and games to my server,When I click feed games, it’s ok,but i click game to blog, waiting a seconds,it’s stop run, no error code,nothing display,what is the problem?

    Does this is memory problem or server problem,help…????

  24. Really cool plugin. Just made a site with a ton of games. I had a few kinks, but if you just search around the net it isn’t too difficult to resolve. A little bit of coding knowledge does help.. 😛

    Maybe my site will get some hits but you’ve made it too easy to make a game site now! hehe I like using it more to show off to my son, just have to make sure he doesn’t click the ads since we’re on the same network!

    Just wanted to say great work and thanks for making this, it’s a lot of fun to play with and show off. 🙂

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