MyArcadeBlog 1.7 with import function for individual games

Here is a new release of MyArcadeBlog. MyArcadeBlog was been downloaded over 950 times by now.

If you don’t know what MyArcadeBlog is, see this post.

MyArcadeBlog is changing from pure Mochiads-Plugin to universal arcade plugin for WordPress. Now, it offers an import function. With this import function you can add individual games to your WordPress Arcade Blog.

Click on “Import Games” and fill in a very simple form.

Importing games has never been so easy:


There is also an other change in this release. Now, you can reset the table with feeded games from settings page:


Where to download MyArcadeBlog?


Do you have any wishes? What features are you missing?

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  1. Great work, thank you!!!

  2. Perfect! That is what I’m waiting for!

    P.S. I’ve send you a donation for your greaaaat work! 😉

  3. After installing this plugin I can’t import a game… I get this error:

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/playflas/public_html/awesomeflashgames/wp-content/games/neon2-5.swf) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/playflas/public_html/awesomeflashgames/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 1059
    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ‚/var/tmp/phpcRO6Pf‘ to ‚/home/playflas/public_html/awesomeflashgames/wp-content/games/neon2-5.swf‘ in /home/playflas/public_html/awesomeflashgames/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/myarcadeblog.php on line 1059Can’t upload game file.

  4. Nevermind! Got it working perfectly! Only was messing up due to my own stupidity! I did find an error though. You misspelled „custom“ to „costum“ You might want to fix that

  5. Yeah, I guess you saw I fixed it on my own. Didn’t read the readme. 😛

    Now that’s it’s working I can’t believe how good this plugin is. Seriously you have done something incredible here. I’ll be sure to show you my site once I have it finished!

  6. Thx. I’ve fixed the costum/custom error 😉

  7. Any chance you could make it so the thumbnail images have alt and title tags? You could probably just use something similar to:    $post[‚post_content‘]   = “.$game[‚description‘];

    I don’t know how to code so I have no clue if that is correct format + syntax. Let me know:)

  8. Actually I edited the single.php and got proper alt and title tags to work.

  9. You could also make it so the link for the thumbnail also has a proper title tag, since you already put the proper alt tag. These changes should help the SEO of the pages.

    • That’s a theme thing. Plugin only saves the url of a thumb or game. SEO things you have to do in your theme. 🙂

  10. Haha alright, I was just suggesting since you seem to like to promote the CSS Gallery theme with the plugin. I’ve already made the necessary changes in my theme, I was only trying to help others 🙂

  11. Argh… It won’t let me import a game… It loads for a while and then just appears on the same page with all the info cleared and no „successful“ or „error“ messages. The game is kinda large at 9.05MB but still there are some flash games over 10MB. How can I fix this issue?

    • Check you server settings of post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.
      If the values are to small you can try to increase it with ini_set. Here is an example: ini_set(‚post_max_size‘, ’16M‘);

  12. Which file should I edit? In my php.ini the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize are set to 32M. I don’t think that’s where you are talking about editing though since I don’t see any of the coding or anything about ini_set

  13. After much struggling, I finally figured it out! Thanks for your help 🙂

  14. Put that code you posted into wp-config.php. 

  15. Very good, i’m impatient to see the import function for AV Arcade to switch the script 🙂

  16. hi there. i love your plugin and i want to use it for my game news site so people can have a categories to play games. my questions is, can we set this plugin so the game is only appear in the page/category that i want?

  17. I found one, tiny little typo on a GREAT plugin. On the Import page, required is misspelled. Right now, it says „requried.“

  18. Hi i have a small problem with the plugin that you’ve created.The highscore boardgames and dressup categories dont work when i feed games

    if the game is in one of these 3 categories is shown like it doesnt have categories.Is it becouse in dress-up board-games and high-score

    • Hi Bare7a,
      thx for reporting. I’ve updated MyArcadeBlog to Version 1.7.1. Now the Dress-Up games and Board Games should be added to the right categories.

  19. Thanks for the fast answer but the highscore category still dont work xD

    • Hi,
      does the mochi feed contains any games from the highscore category?
      That’s strange. I will try to fix it today.

      Thx for reporting. 😉

  20. Yes it says 0 post from the high score category.BTW now the dressup and boardgames works fine 🙂

    • hmm.
      I’ve checked the mochi feed and the mochi site. There is no category named „Highscore“. These categories are available: Action. Adventure, Board Game, Casino, Dress up, Driving, Fighting, Other, Pimp my / Customize, Puzzles, Shooting and Sports.

  21. OK can you tell me how to delete games becouse i have 5 games that dont work and i whant to remove them. Thanks 🙂

    • Delete the specific post. Pay attention when you delete posts that the corresponding thumbnail and the sfw file will not be deleted.
      This feature will be available with the next release.

  22. Look and there are a lot of games that are duplicating and i dont know why?

  23. I’ve fixed the problem 🙂 one tip from me! add per 500 games and check is there any blank or duplicating games.If it is go to posts and find

  24. the file that doesnt work and delete it it will wipe out it from your site.It sure work with version 2.8.2

  25. hi, can you help me please, when i try to feed mochi games this happens:

    i have 2.8.4 wordpress and myarcadeblog 1.7

  26. I do everything wrote id add create folders but I cant show flash just thumb and descriptions why didnt it play i dont understand I checked custom field sfw_url

    I used kimili flash embed it is working but this plugin swf is not working

    pls help me thanks ..

  27. The schedule feature doesn’t seem to work right, it publishes one game on schedule but then stops and doesn’t publish anymore. I have 1 game per 30 minutes on schedule publish.

  28. Where I can find and increase value of time_limit? I cann’t get full feed 🙁

  29. Well I increased the amount of games scheduled to publish from 1 to 3, and still doesn’t publish every 30 minutes. I have even tried 5 games per 30 minutes, and it publishes once on schedule and then doesn’t do it anymore. 🙁


    instead of exhausting the memory,
    why not use offset param to download all feed in multiple steps?


  31. I think there is something i’m doing wrong. The thumbs and descriptions show up fine but the game itself is not showing. Can someone please advise me on this. My website is

    Thank you, Mark


    more categories: education, rhythm, strategy.
    and nothing is in highscores category.

    is it possible to add pic ratings (teens,general,adults) in the game description or html header?
    how about leaderboard?


  33. this plugin create only the articles… but the games dont appear…

    can anyon help me?


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