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Hi, folks! Here is a brand new update for MyArcadeBlog WordPress Plugin. What happened since last update?

MyArcadeBlog has been downloaded over 750 times and got only three votes. Come on people, vote vote vote!

Special thanks this time goes to Dr. Tux for donating and bug reporting 🙂

If you don’t know what MyArcadeBlog is, see this post.

1.6 Changelog

Because the Mochiads has changed the page structure and now all invalid links will be resisted so that we don’t get an error message if the download fail. For that reason, I have implemented new detection to check if a download was successful or not.

Now, at MyArcadeBlog settings you will find a new option “Max. Width”. There you can define the maximum allowed width for the games. Games will be resized to the maximal width if they are wider. With this option, your theme will not be “damaged” by to wide games. This is an optional setting. Set it only if you want to resize games.

If a game has been resized, you can detect this very easy with a new function: “myarcade_check_width”. If a game has been resized this function will return TRUE, otherwise FALSE. This nice feature can be used to create gadgets like this:



For this example, I used Thickbox.

The function “get_game” has a new parameter: get_game($postid, $fullsize).

$fullsize is FALSE on default. That meens, if you have set a max. width all games will be resized. If you set $fullsite to TRUE a game will be shown in a full size mode.

  • Full size example: get_game($postid, TRUE);
  • Resized example: get_game($postid);

Here is a litle example with Thickbox:

This is a excerpt of single.php

ID); ?>
ID)) : ?>
ID, "width", true) + 20; $height = get_post_meta($post->ID, "height", true) + 20; ?> Click here to play this game in full size mode!

What’s coming next?

  1. Bug fixing, if there are some bugs 😉
  2. Game import function for:
    1. IBParcade
    2. AV Arcade
    3. Arcadem Pro
    4. And other

If you have any legal game packs, please send me that I can test import functions.

Where to download MyArcadeBlog?


Do you have any wishes? What features are you missing?

14 Kommentare

  1. Works great, thank you

  2. Your plugin is better than most arcade scripts, great job.

  3. nicely done daniel

  4. hi
    i am newbie
    help me please
    i found this error messsages
    how to fix it?

    ERROR! Can’t set value for max_execution_time. Please contact your administrator!
    ERROR! Can’t set value for default_socket_timeout. Please contact your administrator!
    ERROR! Can’t set value for memory_limit. Please contact your administrator!

  5. I have this errors but the plugin still running normally. i can add a game to my site. but i don know what the errors mean?
    and now i have another problem. i delete all game posting from „posts“ and downloaded games file at directory „games“ (include thumbnail) deleted to. after this action, i can’t add a game. an errors say „No new games to add. Feed Games first!“, i try to re-feed again, but still error.
    how to solve this problem?

    • Did you try to increase the number of games to feed in your settings? If you allready have feeded all available games from mochiads you have to reset the „wp_myarcadegames“ table. This can be done with PHPMyAdmin…

      By the Thursday at the latest I will release a new version where you can reset the table from the plugin option page.

      Thank you for reporting this issue.

  6. When the new version with Avarcade import function will be released ? i need such a function plus a feature to add individual games not only Mochiads.

    • Hi SziPro,
      Support for IBParcade games is now implemented. Now, I’m working on import for individual games. I can’t say you a fixed date, but I think it will be released on this weekend or at the beginning of the next week.

  7. Any chance you could tell us how complicated it will be to add individual games? A lot of the current WordPress arcade solutions require a lot of work to add only 1 game. I can’t wait until you release the update that allows you to add individual games. I desperately want to convert a current flash arcade of mine over to wordpress but I am waiting on a plugin that isn’t too difficult.

    • It will be very easy to add costum games. At the first step, you will be able to add single games. Here is a current development state:
      Import Costum Games WordPress Acrade

      Any suggestions?

  8. That’s perfect! That’s about the easiest one I’ve seen yet, for WordPress at least. The dedicated arcade scripts simplify things a bit further, by somehow auto-detecting the flash height and width. You’ve already got check boxes for categories which is great, and an upload form for the game and thumbnail built-in which saves a TON of time. The only thing that you could simplify is to auto-detect the height and width, but I’m not sure how difficult that is. Can’t wait! Keep me updated 🙂

  9. Upon googling the topic of auto-detecting flash height and width there is a LOT of information out there. If it’s too difficult it might would be smarter to include it in the NEXT update so as to not delay this one.

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