CSS Gallery Theme für MyArcadeBlog WordPress Plugin

Wie versprochen, veröffentliche ich das modifizierte CSS Gallery Theme von OS Designer. Das Theme wurde so angepasst, dass man schnell und einfach ein eigenes Flash-Game-Portal realisieren kann.

Auf der Startseite werden die neuesten Spiele angezeigt. Die Anzahl kann über das Adminmenü eingestellt werden. Zudem wurden Kategorie-Links unter dem Menü eingefügt, damit gewünschte Spielekategorie schnell angewählt werden kann. Beim Klick auf ein Vorschaubild wird das entsprechende Spiel geladen und angezeigt. Unter jedem Spiel wird die Beschreibung incl. Thumbnail und einer Spielanleitung eingeblendet, falls vorhanden. Jedes Spiel kann von Besuchern bewertet und kommentiert werden.


Zusätzlich dazu wurde das Theme für AdSense optimiert. Im Header des Themes kann ein 468x60px-Banner eingebunden werden. Sidebar fasst insgesamt sechs 125×125-Buttons und ein 250×250 Banner. Über jedem Spiel kann ein Banner angezeigt werden. Hier kann eine 728x90px große Anzeige eingeblendet werden, so auch unter dem Spiel. Ein weiterer 468x60px Banner kann unter der Spielbeschreibung platziert werden.

Jeder kann selbst entscheiden, welche Bannerplätze er nun verwenden möchte. Der Bannercode muss in folgenden Dateien eingefügt werden:

  • ad_header.php – Code für den Header Banner
  • ad_overgame.php – Code für den Banner über einem Spiel
  • ad_undergame.php – Code für den Banner unter einem Spiel
  • ad_under_description.php – Code für den Banner unter der Spielbeschreibung
  • ad_blogtab.php – Code für den Banner in der Sidebar
  • ad_125.php – Codes für die sechs 125×125 Banner in der Sidebar

Benötigte Plugins

Damit das Theme einwandfrei funktioniert werden insgesamt 3 Plugins benötigt:

WP-PostRatings Einrichten

Nach der Installation von WP-PostRatings muss das Plugin im Adminmenü konfiguriert werden. Dazu klickt man auf „Ratings“ > „Rating Options“. Hier können beliebige Rating-Bilder ausgewählt werden. Unter „Show Loading Image With Text“ sollte „No“ ausgewählt werden. Die Einstellungen mit „Save Changes“ speichern.

Jetzt unter „Ratings“ > „Ratings Templates“ folgendes einfügen:

  1. Ratings Vote Text:
  2. Ratings Voted Text:
  3. Ratings No Permission Text:
    <span>Login to Rate it!</span>%RATINGS_IMAGES%
  4. Ratings None:
    <span>Not Rated!</span>%RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE%

Das war’s!! Jetzt ist das Theme für den Einsatz bereit!

Viel Spaß damit!


As promised, here is the modified CSS Gallery Theme by OS Designer. The theme was optimized that you can quickly and easily make your own flash game portal. There are no other modifications necessary.

The start page shows the latest games. The number of shown games can be adjusted from the WordPress admin panel. When you click on a post, the game will be loaded and displayed. There are a thumbnail, a description and instructions how to play under each game. Each game can be rated and commented by visitors.

AdSense optimization

In addition, the theme has been optimized for AdSense. In the header you can place a 468x60px banner. There are six buttons 125×125 and a 250x250px banner at the sidebar. Over and under every game you can place an ad banner. Another 468x60px banner can be placed under the description of a game. You can put your banner code in the following files: ad_header.php, ad_overgame.php, ad_undergame.php, ad_under_description.php, ad_blogtab.php, ad_125.php

Needed Plugins

You need to have this 3 plugins installed in order to run this theme:

Setting up WP-PostRatings

  1. WP-PostRatings – Activate the plugin.
  2. To fit your post rating with our layout, go to: WP-Admin > Ratings > Rating Options
  3. Select any rating style.
  4. Set NO for Show Loading Image With Text option.
  5. You have to change Ratings Templates Variables from the same option page, follow the next instruction please.

WP-PostRatings – Ratings Templates Variables Changes:

Remove the default Ratings Templates Variables, except the last one and replace these code.

  1. Ratings Vote Text:
  2. Ratings Voted Text:
  3. Ratings No Permission Text:
    <span>Login to Rate it!</span>%RATINGS_IMAGES%
  4. Ratings None:
    <span>Not Rated!</span>%RATINGS_IMAGES_VOTE%



60 Kommentare

  1. perfect thank you.

    nitely.net/arcade for live demo

  2. Hi Başar Özkal,
    your new myarcade games portal is looking nice 😉

  3. Great Plugin and great support.
    my http://www.talkgrounds.com/ using this plugin.
    need litle touch though.

  4. hI, I edit another theme, Magadine, but i can´t put the thumbnails correct, can you help me?
    If you want i cant send you de modifiqued magadine

    my web is http://wigax.com/

  5. Hi,
    The search results are not showing description,ratings or url. Please help.

  6. thanks Daniel !

    Hey Geronimo where can i get your theme ?

  7. hi basar.
    its modified inevo themes
    you can get it at wordpress

  8. Hi,
    Sorry for all the questions but could you tell me how to add a login box to the top tabber.php box. I need login on my site. Thanks for all your help.

  9. My ratings are not working.

  10. Hello

    I installled CSS Gallery with myarcadeblog as well

    Now the I have a error with the WP-PostRatings like this :

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Fatal error: Class ‚WP_Widget‘ not found in /home2/oscplanc/public_html/playcoolflashgames/wp-content/plugins/wp-postratings/wp-postratings.php on line 1066

    Some help could be appreciated.


  11. Hi

    I forgot tell you that I don`t make any change yet into template php files for wp-postratings configuration .. must I do this first ?

  12. Hi
    I updated wordpress to 2.8 and now I can install wp-postratings and I edited the wp-postratings config and Remove the default Ratings Templates Variables:

    1. Ratings Vote Text:
    2. Ratings Voted Text:
    3. Ratings No Permission Text:
    Login to Rate it!%RATINGS_IMAGES%
    4. Ratings None:

    5 . Highest Rated: (left blank)

    except the last one:

    6. Most Rated: %POST_TITLE% – %RATINGS_USERS% votes

  13. I try to rate a game clickin in to a star to rating but I don’t see any rate .. is normal ?

  14. Hi..
    Can I know how to change the logo to my logo?


  15. I tried replacing it with my logo.
    But it appear as your logo again
    Do you know whats wrong?

  16. Even if i remove the logo.gif from the images, the logo will still appear in my website. Is it coded somewhere?


    • Logo is not coded. You can open style.css and header.php and edit what you want.

      Try to replace the logo and reload your site with CTRL+F5 (EU: STRG+F5)

  17. Thanks. after ctrl F5 it shows up. thanks alot really.
    Good support!

  18. Sorry~ 1 more question.
    Can I know at which part in the style.css to change the background color of the theme?
    Sorry to ask this, new in this.


  19. Thanks. Will try it tomorrow 😀
    Gotta get some sleep now.
    Thanks alot for the help.


  20. Hi..:D
    Is it possible to make a border around the whole web page?
    for example, the border will include header,content,footer.

    Thanks again!

  21. the border is solved. 1 more question =x
    Any idea how to move up the page? The gap above the header is very big.


  22. sorry to trouble you.
    If i put my border to 50 px the gap will increase. I i put to 2 px it is back to normal.
    Thanks once again.
    Is it possible to display all the game names below in the main page?


  23. Hi!!

    The wp-postratings not work with me I’ve changed all parameters and do not push them to run a star and does nothing.
    Are there any other plugin for wordpress Ratings suitable for use with CSS and theme myarcademochiads?

  24. thanks Daniel. what about the displaying of all the games titles below the main page? 😀


  25. okay..thanks alot Daniel
    Really appreciate it 😀

  26. Hi Daniel,

    I have been trying to change the back ground of the category bar. The default color is white.
    Any idea it is located at where in CSS?

    Thanks alot

  27. You have to change navbottom.gif

  28. So if I want to change the color, I must remove the navbottom.gif or?
    Sorry for asking such questions=x

  29. I think i got it! Thanks!
    Applogize for asking so many questions.

  30. I am using the arcadeblog pluging.
    I found out quite a number of games cannnot be played 🙁

  31. No Problem weizai 🙂

    Why the games can’t be played? Do you get an error message?
    Post your link here please.

  32. No error message. As in when i click the game, it will appear a blank screen where the game supposed to play. The game won’t load.
    I have deleted all the posts in wordpress for those games that won’t load. =x

  33. hi again tnx for replay
    i feeling very noobish
    i use phpmyadmin 3.1.0 i cant find enyplace to enable Json support 🙁
    # Apache/2.0.61/DataZone SP 2.0 (Unix)
    # MySQL client version: 5.0.67

  34. my web hoster told that Json suppoet is on :S
    still Decode feed.. Can’t decode Json Feed! 🙁

  35. screenshot is here http://tannut.planet.ee/warcade.png

    i was check my phpmyadmin info there was that
    json support enabled
    json version 1.2.1

  36. Hi Daniel!

    I was wondering if you can teach me how to add a left column/sidebar to the theme?

    Thanks in advance.

  37. @Tanel: I had similar problem like you are experiencing, what I did I changed mochiads.com feed url to my personal one (from control panel) and added &format=json to url -> now everything works.

    @Daniel: About CSSTheme, which file do I need to edit if I want to publishing regular text blogs along with games? at the moment if I write text blog, only thing showing up is obiviously the subject/headline 🙂

    Dr T

  38. @weizai: I’ve also run across number of games that do now load. It looks like they are not downloaded properly.

    Dr T

  39. @Tanel
    Do you have a white space in your MochiadsID? Try to feed games without a mochiadID..

    @Dr Tux
    MyArcadeBlog adds automatically „&format=json“ to the feed url. Strange…
    If you want to post regular posts, try this:
    // Check if this is a game
    $game_url = get_post_meta($post->ID, „swf_url“, true);
    if ($game_url) {
    // This post is a game
    echo get_game($post->ID);
    else {
    // This is a normal post
    // Do here what you want
    echo „<h2>This is not a Game</h2>“;
    We have discussed it here: http://netreview.de/wordpress/myarcadeblog-create-your-own-wordpress-arcade-blog-like-fungames24net/#respond


  40. You don’t need to download the games from mochiads. The paymant is very very low. It’s better to save your bandwidth and make money using Google AdSense.

  41. Thank you Daniel without mochiadID its WORK s thank you 🙂

    you ROCK man 🙂

  42. @Daniel: Tnx for the information, worked ok – and, at least in my installation myarcadeblog plugin didn’t add format=json to url, I had to add it manually to get things working.

    Must say, your plugin is darn good thing, I’ve been trying to use WP as arcade for quite some time, with very limited success until now 😀

    Dr T

  43. Is missing a feature to post other games than Mochiads.

  44. thanks, now using your plugin and themes

  45. Hi Folks. A new theme was released with the new MyArcadeBlog Pro version. Check it out!

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