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MyArcadeBlog Pro 2.60 Released!

The new version of MyArcadeBlog Pro is out there! There are a lot of new features that we have added in the last two releases. The most significant one is the support for HeyZap games. Now you will be able to feed HeyZap games automatically with just one click! The other one will give you the possibility to edit games …

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MyArcadeBlog Pro – Leaderboard Support

The new version of MyArcadeBlog Pro is out there. Now, MyArcadeBlog Pro will save players scores if the user is logged in and if the Leaderboard support is enabled in the game. Just activate the Leaderboard support and enter your Mochimedia Secret Key. You are also able to activate global scores. That means, that users ingame scores will be shown …

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MyArcadeBlog Pro – With Automated Game Feeding

Now, MyArcadeBlog Pro is able to add Mochimedia Games automatically to your site. Just check the check-box to activate the cron-job and choose a time interval, how often new games should be feeded. You can select: „Hourly“, „Twice Daily“ and „Daily“. The automated feeding will trigger when someone visits your site, if the scheduled time has passed. On each trigger …

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MyArcadeBlog Pro Released

We are proud to present you a new dimension of WordPress Plugins. Transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing arcade games portal using Mochimedia, Custom and IBPArcade games. There are over 15.000 available free games on the Internet. MyArcadeBlog Pro is an improved and enhanced version of the well-known Plugin MyArcadeBlog. I’m having problems with some guys who are …

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