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MyArcadeBlog Pro – Best WordPress Arcade Plugin!

Forget about manually posting games to your blog!

MyArcadeBlog Pro v3.00We are proud to present you a new dimension of WordPress Plugins. Transform a boring WordPress Blog into an amazing arcade games portal using Mochi Media, HeyZap, Custom and IBPArcade games. There are over 30.000 games that you can easily publish on your site, for free!

MyArcadeBlog Pro is not just a Plugin. MyArcadeBlog Pro is a Plugin SUITE!

With MyArcadeBlog Pro you will get 3 Premium Plugins and a Premium WordPress Arcade Theme.

!! ATTENTION – NEW UPDATED VERSION !! Get MyArcadeBlog Pro v3.00 with many new features! Now, MyArcadeBlog Pro will perfectly work with WordPress 3.0 and BuddyPress.


This short video should show you how to create a WordPress Arcade site in less then 5 minutes with MyArcadeBlog Pro

Can’t see the video? Click here

WordPress Arcade Plugin

MyArcadeBlog Pro Features

MyArcadeBlog Pro is an extremely improved and enhanced version of the well-known plugin MyArcadeBlog. This is a feature comparison of MyArcadeBlog and MyArcadeBlog Pro:

MyArcadeBlogMyArcadeBlog Pro



Mochimedia Features

One-Click Game Feeding



Offset Feeding



Download Games



Download Game Thumbnails



Download Game Screenshots



Feed Special Categories



Auto Post from Mochimedia



Automated Game Feeding (Cron)



Leaderboard Support



HeyZap Features

One-Click Game Feeding



NEW Offset Feeding



NEW Automated Game Feeding (Cron)



Download Game Thumbnails



Import Features

Import Custom Games



Import IBPArcade Games



NEW Import Games With Embed Codes



NEW Import Games With Iframe Codes



Upload Game Screenshots



Game Management

Edit Games Before Publishing



Play Games Before Publishing



Publish Single Game



Delete All Feeded Games



Delete Single Game



Remove Single Game from DB



Delete Downloaded Game Files




Publish Games Immediately



Publish Games Time Shifted



Easy Plugin Translation (gettext)



Single Category Publishing



NEW Auto Insert Embed Codes Into Themes



NEW Template Based Post Styling



NEW BuddyPress Integration



MyGameListCreator Included



MyScoresPresenter Included



Fungames Theme Included



Bonus Stuff on the Forum




Support Forum



E-Mail Support



Live Support (ICQ)



Works With Standard WordPress Themes



Get Your Version Now!


Buy Now

MyArcadeBlog Pro – Feature Overview

We have picked some features out to show you the power of this WordPress Arcade Suite!

Once installed, you will find a control panel in your WordPress admin menu. There you have access to all important functions of MyArcadeBlog Pro. On „MyArcade“ you will get an overview of all important settings and stats of your WordPress Arcade blog. With „Feed Mochi Games“ you can automatically add new games from Mochi Media. The feeded games will be saved in your database and you can publish them when ever you want. „Add Games To Blog“ will publish feeded games. That will create many new WordPress posts with only ONE CLICK! „Import Games“ gives you the possibility to import custom flash games and IBPArcade games. On „Manage Games“ you can publish and delete single games.

The settings page is very simple so that everyone can setup this Plugin.

„Offset Feeding“

„Offset Feeding“ will help you to get old Mochi or HeyZap games. Now you can get all the games without timeouts and server overload.

„Download Game Screenshots“


Mochimedia is providing up to four screenshots per game. MyArcadeBlog Pro is able to download or to link these screenshots to your site. If you are using the MyArcadeBlog Pro import function, you can also upload up to four screenshots for every imported game. In addition to this feature, you are able to create impressive game slider to make your site even more attractive for your visitors.

„Feed Special Categories“

Feed Special Categories

This feature makes it possible to feed only featured games. For example, you can feed only games that will bring you money (Coins Enabled Games) or games with enabled Leader board.

„Mochimedia Auto Post“

Mochimedia Auto Post to WordPress

Login to your Mochimedia account, try out some games and if you have found a cool game just press on „Post game to my site“ and the game will be published immediately on your site. You only have to push the button and all necessary things (Feed, Download and Publish) will be done by MyArcadeBlog Pro. Just go to your Mochimedia-Account and paste the „Auto Post URL“ into your settings:

http://YOUR URL/wp-content/plugins/myarcadeblog/modules/mochi_autopost.php

„Import IBPArcade Games“

Use the import form to upload an IBPArcade game as a tar file. MyArcadeBlog Pro will extract the archive and import the game to your blog. Game file and thumbnail will be stored to your web space. Additionally you can upload up to four screenshots by importing games.

ibparcade WordPress import

„Game Management“

Now it is much easier to manage your games. You are able to publish/delete single games. You can also play games before publishing. Thereby you will increase the quality of your game site by publishing funny and interesting games.

WordPress MyArcadeBlog Manage Games

„Delete Game Files“

Delete Downloaded Files

MyArcadeBlog Pro will delete all downloaded files when you delete a game from your site automatically. This feature will save your precious web space and your time.

„Automated Game Feeding (Cron)“

Now, MyArcadeBlog Pro is able to add Mochimedia Games automatically to your Site. Just check the checkbox to activate cron and choose a time interval, how often new games should be feeded. The feeding will trigger when someone visits your Site, if the scheduled time has passed. On each trigger MyArcadeBlog Pro will get the latest game.

WordPress Arcade Cron

„Leaderboard Support“

MyArcadeBlog Pro will save players Scores on your blog of Mochimedia games if the Leaderboard support is enable. Get more visitors and more players with this amazing feature!

„Easy Translations“

Translate MyArcadeBlog Pro into your language using the included PO-file. MyArcadeBlog Pro fully supports gettext based translations!

„Auto Embed SWF Code“

!!! NEW !!! You don’t have to edit WordPress themes anymore to be able to embed games. MyArcadeBlog Pro will generate and auto embed the flash code of a game at the top or at the bottom of a game post. Of course you are still able to embed the code manually.

MyArcadeBlog auto embed swf

„Template based post styling“

!!! NEW !!! Style your game posts using simple „place holders“ and generate an idividual look of your WordPress Arcade Portal.

MyArcadeBlog style posts

„Single Category Publishing“

If you already have a WordPress blog and you want to attract your visitors with some flash games, this perfect feature will help you. It will publish all game in a single category. With that you don’t need to transform your entire blog into a pure arcade site. Just add a gaming section for your visitors!


With MyArcadeBlog Pro, you will get the perfect support. We guarantee a fast reply. Beyond that, we offer a live chat support via ICQ.


If you purchase MyArcadeBlog Pro, you will get MyGameListCreator for FREE!

MyGameListCreator is a WordPress Plugin that creates a static file including a list of a defined number of published games. That will save your server performance. A list with a big number of games is a great SEO-Method to get more visitors. This method is well-known and Miniclip is using it, too.

The game list will be refreshed if a game is published, edited or deleted. You are also able to create a new list manually from the WordPress admin area.

Here is a screenshot of the MyGameListCreator administration menu.

MyGameListCreator Arcade Plugin WordPress

With those settings, your game list can look like this:

Arcade Game List WordPress

Now, you are able to embed your game list in posts and pages. Just create a page and put [mygamelist] in the content. MyGameListCreator will create a perfect game list from you predefined template. Embedding game lists has never been so easy!


With this great Plugin you can show player and game scores on your site. How the scores should be displayed can easily be configured over the admin area:

With this Plugin that comes with MyArcadeBlog Pro you can display:

  • Most Active Players
  • Latest Scores
  • Todays Scores
  • Best Players Of A Single Game

This upated version has 5 Widgets included. Now it is much more easier to transform standard blog themes into WordPress Arcade sites.

MyScoresPresenter will perfecty work with MyAcreBlog Pro and the FunGames Theme. In this new version of MyAcadeBlog Pro the FunGames theme have been modified to show your players scores. You don’t have to code anything!

See it in action:

Showing the latest scores. The number of displayed scores can easily be adjusted.

To attract more players, you can show the most active players on your gaming site.

When a user click on a game to play it, you can present the best players of a single game. With this feature you will get more game plays and more users! Just try it. All player scores will be saved in your database.

There is an other great feature of MyScoresPresenter. Now, you are able to display the global scores of single games! This scores are saved on the Mochimedia servers.

You need more features? Join our support forum and make a request.

FunGames Theme

However, that is not all. If you purchase MyArcadeBlog Pro now, you will get a great Google Adsense and search engine optimized (SEO) theme called „FunGames“ for FREE!

There is no code editing or hacking. Upload, activate and setup the theme from your WordPress admin area.

FunGames Theme iss fully compatible with BuddyPress and has BuddyPress templates integrated! Makeing a Arcade Site Community is never been so easy!

Click here to see FunGames in action! Go and look for yourself!

Using MyArcadeBlog Pro and FunGames theme you will generate two-way earnings. By publishing Mochimedia games, you will get paid from Mochimedia. On the other hand, you can integrate Adsense Ads or other banners to increase your earnings.

Fungames Theme

Buy MyArcadeBlog Pro NOW!

So how much does this great Plugin costs? Not nearly as much as the money and time, you’ll save using this!

MyArcadeBlog Pro


  • Includes MyArcadeBlog Pro
  • Includes MyScoresPresenter
  • Includes MyGameListCreator
  • Includes FunGames Theme

MyArcadeBlog Pro Carefree


Best value

  • Includes MyArcadeBlog Pro Package

    MyArcadeBlog Pro Package

    MyArcadeBlog Pro
    FunGames Theme

  • Installation of WordPress (if needed)

    WordPress Installation

    If needed, we will install and setup WordPress for your new gaming site.

  • Installation of MyArcadeBlog Pro

    MyArcadeBlog Pro Installation

    We will install and setup MyArcadeBlog Pro for you.

  • Installation of MyScoresPresenter

    MyScoresPresenter Installation

    We will install and setup MyScoresPresenter for you. After that your user will be able to save scores.

  • Installation of MyGameListCreator

    MyGameListCreator Installation

    We will install and setup MyGameListCreator for you like on fungames24.net

  • Installation of FunGames Theme

    FunGames Installation

    We will install the FunGames for you.

  • Installation of Additional Plugins

    Additional Plugins Installation

    We will install several free Plugins that we use on fungames24.net.

  • Setup of Theme and Plugins


    We will setup everything. After that your site will work perfectly!

  • Registration on Mochi

    Mochi Account

    We will create a Mochi Account for you.

  • Setup of Mochi Account

    Mochi Setup

    We will setup your new Mochi account so that you’ll be able to post games directly from Mochi to your Site with just one click!

  • Adding of over 20.000 Games

    Filled Database

    We will fill your database with over 20.000 games. Don’t waste your time with adding game to your database.

  • Publishing of 1.000 Games

    Game Publishing

    We will publish 1000 games for your so that you can start immedeately with your new site!

  • Your Site Will Be Ready Within 24h!

I have read and accept Terms and Conditions
Ich habe die AGB gelesen und bin einverstanden.

Click „Buy Now“, to order your license and pay with PayPal.

PayPal Checkout

Only on this website you can buy MyArcadeBlog Pro directly from the author and only then you’ll get support, access to the premium forums and bonus stuff!

Thereby, don’t buy the plugin on other pirated pages!

MyArcadeBlog Pro affiliate program: Like this product? Spread word about it and you will get 30.00% of the sale price. Click here to join MyArcadeBlog Pro affiliate program »

What other people say about MyArcadeBlog Pro?

I would like to thank MyArcadeBlog for turning my game arcade: PodBuzzGames from an unattractive, non-seo capable site to an excellent, attractive, highly customisable site, enabled with wonderful SEO features and the ability to add adsense ads (or any other ads in javascript) with just „copy and paste“ accessibility. I had numerous headaches when it comes to buying the real software, and had tried various other arcade softwares. BUT NO ONE SOFTWARE CAN MATCH MyArcadeBlog Pro’s EASE OF INSTALLATION. With just a few step steps and 10 minutes or less, you can easily installed it and activate it within seconds. Coupled with the wonderful free PREMIUM fungames theme, you can easily change color scheme, customise the layout of every page design.

What is most important, is that MyArcadeBlog has one of the BEST SUPPORT provided to you after you purchased your software, you are not on your own. The software admin constantly keep you updated on the support forums with new modifications. If you have any issue with the software, the support will response to you within a day too. That’s surely one other point that other arcade softwares fail to deliver. So if you are a non-techie wanting your own arcade, MyArcadeBlog Pro is your BEST choice.

Best of all, MyArcadeBlog allows auto-publishing of mochiads games. Yes you can set a fixed schedule of either daily, hourly, or any fixed period for new games to be automatically added. Yes, no more fustration needed to find games for yourself. If you have NO TIME to manage the arcade every day, MyArcadeBlog is the key choice for you to SETUP, LEAVE IT AUTO, FORGET, and you will see your adsense or affiliate earnings accumulate endlessly!

Speaking of all these, I use myself, http://games.podbuzz.com, as a live example, 3 months ago, before i use MyArcadeBlog, my Alexa Ranking was 13,598,900, but as of today, my alexa ranking has JUMPED to 1,619,430 (more than 10 million ranking UP just within 3 months!!!) This prove than not just the arcade admins love MyArcadeBlog Pro, but the customers also love to design, features, and ease of access by this plugin! Seeing is Believing!

Finally, thank you MyArcadeBlog Pro!


Alvin Lee

Thank You for you MyArcadeBlogPro, Awesome! I love it!

Early I used PHPAS 4.0 script to run my game site, but their SEO not very friendly. I hardly get any users to my game site, average only 5 users. My page ranking is terrible!

After I changed to MyArcadeBlogPro, site rised from 5 users to 80+ users. My page ranking with Alexa changed from 17 millions to 8 millions and continue ..

Best Support!

Best Product!


I was using an Arcade Script called AVA. It was great, support was great, community was great.

But then I decided to make a blog and I was trying to integrate my blog and arcade site. It didn’t go over so well and while googling on how to make that work, I came across MyArcadeBlog. Sounded interesting…an arcade script already integrated into wordpress. So I checked out the free version and was amazed. So I bought the Pro version. 🙂

Both AVA and MyArcadeBlog Pro are great, this one just had an edge that AVA didn’t and that was wordpress integration.


MyArcedeBlog Pro is a very good product. Everything works great. With the rapid and professional assistance the installation and setup took me only a few minutes. With the introduction of rapid response and reported changes in the work of MyArcedeBlog Pro and Netreview.de is a pure pleasure.



Works perfect Vicentiu


Just what I wanted.

Many thanks,



MyArcadeBlog Pro, is a must have, if you are trying out to build an entertainment website, with minimal expertise. Although i myself am a technical person, but was just not getting any time to do the programming for it. I got hold of the free basic version, it involved a lot of features, but obviously the premium ones were missing. Then i came across the pro version, and I must admit, I m really impressed with the pro plugin. Although i feel the pricing of it is little on the higher side but It’s an absolute worthwhile investment (since i got so many goodies along with it), and hence do not repent spending those extra bucks on it. The Technical support has been prompt and consistant, which is an added advantage to the subscription, plus i get all the updates to the plugin for free. Great Going MyArcadeBlog Pro !!


Team Flamesville


I´m very glad with MyArcadeBlog, it´s fantastic simple to include the games. It´s one click and the page is filled with many games. The price is very cheap and the installation very easy. Look at http://www.bestfreegames.eu/ for an example.

Best Regards from Germany

I wanted to say that you did a great job creating this plugin. It is by far the best arcade plugin for WordPress.

Keep up the great work.

Best regards,


What a great plugin – it’s not just a plugin, but an entire “out of the box” site. Thank you very much.

Guen M

Website: http://www.boysgamezone.com/

I have recently purchased MyArcadeBlogPro and set up http://www.best-arcades.info which got indexed fast thank to its integrated MyGameListCreator. Checking my earnings from advertising I suddenly noted that the site is already making some money from organic traffic, without any further effort. Full disclosure: As I have had some question in the context of the WP Daniel, the creator of the plugin, was extremely patient and the most helpful.

If you purchase the plugin you also get the FunGames themes template which works great and is highly customizable. Here’s how a customized 2 category site can look: http://www.bestarcades.info . What’s more is that Daniel already has a new arcade template in the pipeline. Considering all you get for 29.95$ including his enthusiasm Daniel additionally deserves a BIG THANK YOU.

BTW: should you have difficulties with the optional WP-postratings plugin try setting the 755 permission to all files and directory of the additional free third-party plugin.

Lieber Gruss


I think this Plugin deserves the FIVE STARS out of five I give them.

The plugin is not only easy to use, it even has his OWN support forum.

A whole forum solely about the plugin. I didn’t even try the free

version of the plugin, so I didn’t know how to use it, but I had my

arcade site up within an hour. Now every 20 minutes a new game gets

published at my website, and after a few days Ill just change that to

a few games a day so Google will love my website. I definatly think

you should go with the Pro version, It has so much options.



Your site here? Send me an email with your link

120 Kommentare

  1. Greate Support.

  2. I am interested in offering your plugin. if I buy your plugin. Can I change / modify your fungames themes? theme is the encryption?

  3. daniel.
    in a future update could you please add user uploads (similar to newgrounds?)
    so that my users can put their own games up onto my site?

    If you do this i will almost definately buy the Pro Edition

  4. Hi cjschrissouth,
    With MyArcadeBlog Pro you can do that already. You just have to grant your users to access to „Import Games“ menu. 🙂

  5. I have seen user profiles in the demo and adding friends and all that. Is this some kind of WP plugin or feature added by your mod?

    Also please tell me if this is a WPMU plugin or will work with WPSU as well?


    • Hello chodhry,
      for adding friends and scores on players profiles I used a modified version of a plugin called Mingle (Available on the support forum).
      MyArcadeBlog Pro has not been tested with WPMU. I think that some modifications are needed to run MyArcadeBlog Pro on WPMU if you want that every WPMU Blog can feed and publish games.

      Best Regards

  6. Thanks for the reply. Can you please let me know if I can use use your theme only on the games page or I will have to use it on all the pages of our site? Actually I want to add these games as a new section to our site and not as an entirely new site for games.

  7. Sorry to bother you again Daniel but is this also available on the free edition or only pro?
    Btw im counting my pennies in anticipation.

  8. Hello, is there a way to translate MyArcadeBlog Pro to other language? (Russian)

    • Hi,

      @leda: I’m working on a version with gettext support. This will make the translations very easy.

      @cjschrissouth: Yes, you can but you have to modify the code a little bit. In the next version of MyArcadeBlog Pro the admin will be able to enable/disable this feature.

  9. Hello Daniel, How Long Do You Expect for the version with gettext support will be available? and If I purchased this version can i update it later when the new version available???
    Thank you

    • Hi leda,
      yes, you can update to the new version for free. When you purchase MyArcadeBlog Pro you can always download the latest version on wpplugins.com.

      I think, the new version will be released on the beginning of the next week.

  10. Ok thank you. I will wait until next week.

  11. Is the price of PRO same for us who supported the original one with donation?

  12. Hello Daniel, is there a way to know when the new version with gettext support will be available? Date??

    • Hi leda,
      I’m currently working on it. I think I’ll finish it tomorrow. The new version will not only contains the gettext support. Some new features and fixes are also included in this update.

      • Hi Folks!
        New Version (v2.3) was released. Here is a changelog:
        MyArcadeBlog Pro v2.3

        Added: Gettext support to make translations easy
        Added: Option to publish games in a single category
        Fixed: get_game doesn’t work for unpublished games

        MyGameListCreator v1.2

        Fixed: Error message if missing a game list
        Added: Option to embed game lists in posts and pages with predefined templates

        MyScoresPresenter v1.2.2

        Fixed: Single game scores orderd by the latest scores and not by highest scores

        FunGames Theme

        Added: Gettext support to make translations easy
        Fixed: Grid issue if there are less then 6 games in a category

  13. hi,.. my name is firman currently i use free version,.. it’s running for awhile, I have plan to use myarcadepro for next month.

    is it legal if i install this product for more 1 website ?

    thank you

  14. Looks really great! I hope I can to buy it soon 🙂 Just need to put some money on PP.

  15. I’m ready to buy it. But you are releasing a new version in a few days? Do you know when? Thanks!

  16. Hi, Daniel

    Have you solved the autoset swf width and height function? If so, I will order a license now.


    • Hi DomainCamp,
      Auto detection of swf dimensions is not implemented, yet. Can’t find any useful informations about it.

  17. Hi –
    Please add my website to your user sites list for MyArcadeblogPro. 

    What a great plugin – it’s not just a plugin, but an entire „out of the box“ site. Thank you very much.

    Guen M
    Website: http://www.boysgamezone.com/

  18. Hello

    I habe just bought MyArcadeBlog Pro because I think it well worth the bucks, and the original.
    My question is with respect of the logo. Would it be possible to share the PSD file?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Mark,
      I have no PDS file because I created the logo with a well known presentation software 😉
      I’ve sent you the logo file.

  19. Daniel, can I get a forum upgrade please. Purchased the software 2 days ago, want to download the mingle plug in that you modified.

    Thank you 🙂

  20. Hi, i love this plugins very much!!! i want to create a site like this one- „fungames24.net“. Can you please provide me full installation service? I want to know, how much space is the best for this kind of blog and is their any special server requrment? If you can please mail me as soon as possible…..Thanks!!!

    • Hi Kafil,
      Every premium user will get installation service for free 🙂
      There are only few requirements to get MyArcadeBlog Pro working. You need following things

      • Working WordPress installation
      • at lest PHP 5
      • I recommend to have save_mod disabled

      That’s all. If you want do get money with Mochi games you have to download games (only with coins enabled) to your server. I think 1GB of free space should be enough 🙂

      Best regards

  21. Help…I bought your plugin but your auto post doesn’t work..


    You should now see your game on your site or waiting in your queue.

    Nothing displayed on my queue list..

    • Hello G,

      please keep in mind that only games that are not in your database will be published with auto post. Also a game has to be in a „allowed“ category. E.g. if you only select „Action“ in MyArcadeBlog you only can post action games.

      if you still have problems please send me an email to get faster support 🙂

  22. How do I see the allowed category?

  23. Everything is checked there but I still can’t auto post…

  24. How do I apply for free installation?

  25. Thank you for the great support 🙂

  26. Hi, I am using MyArcadeBlog (free) on Gallery theme, and all the steps seem to work without error (I can feed & add games to blog), BUT when I look at the site, it is all dark, though when I hover over game locations there is a game name! I told it to download games and download thumbnails, made sure the perms were set on the directories. Site is at cozoi.com/games
    I noticed in the forum there is a post for the Pro version that talks of trouble on Hostgator hosting, and that’s what I’m using. Any clues? THANKS!

  27. can i use this pluging with my exisiting theme just to add games as posts?

  28. Is it legal to sell sites with myarcadeblog pro + fungames theme installed on it?

    • Hi John,
      reselling of MyArcadeBlog Pro isn’t legal. If you wan’t to be a reseller, we can talk about 🙂

  29. the plugin also provide a leaderbord for the IBPArcade games?

    • Hi cornel,
      not now. It’s planed to try the integration of IBPArcade games but I can’t promise that I’ll implement it in the next 3 months. There are some other improvements that I’ve started.

  30. do both versions (the free and the pro) work on wordpress 2.9.1.

  31. Very nice wp arcade plugin ever !!!

  32. Thanks for your plugin so much! That is perfect for me!
    here is my site with your plugin http://www.gamenooknook.com

  33. I have recently purchased MyArcadeBlogPro and set up http://www.best-arcades.info which got indexed fast thank to its integrated MyGameListCreator. Checking my earnings from advertising I suddenly noted that the site is already making some money from organic traffic, without any further effort. Full disclosure: As I have had some question in the context of the WP Daniel, the creator of the plugin, was extremely patient and the most helpful.

    If you purchase the plugin you also get the FunGamesthemes template which works great and is highly customizable. Here’s how a customized 2 category site can look: http://www.bestarcades.info . What’s more is that Daniel already has a new arcade template in the pipeline. Considering all you get for 19.95$ including his enthusiasm Daniel additionally deserves a BIG THANK YOU.

    BTW: should you have difficulties with the optional WP-postratings plugin try setting the 755 permission to all files and directory of the additional free third-party plugin.

  34. Grazie per l’ottimo plugin.
    Il sito di Giochi Online GioGiochi.com è pronto.


  35. Hi Daniel,

    In a post above, it is stated that you’re working on a new theme for myarcadepro. Can you let us know when this theme will be completed, and whether those purchasing the plugins now, will be given this theme too?


    • Hi,

      can’t tell you when the new theme will be finished, because I work on the next release now. After the release I’ll continue the work on the theme.

      To show games in your custom theme you can use this function call within your WordPress loop: echo get_game($post->ID);

  36. hi im interested in urchasing the pro version
    but i can’t seem to get the flash games to show in my template
    ive read the help but they just wont show please help

  37. Hi Folks,
    now we are offering an Affiliate Program! Join our Affiliate Program and get 40% for each sale: https://www.e-junkie.com/affiliates/?cl=110247&ev=8e59cd720b

  38. Great affiliate program. I will join and buy this plugin too. You know i always want something like this but they usually too hard to use. Now i can use WordPress with this simple plugin to make exactly what i want.


  39. Daniel, can I get a forum upgrade please. Purchased the software yesterday and I am at the forum under the name „Sily“. Thanks.

  40. Hi Daniel,
    What is the minimum hosting disk space and bandwidth required / recommended?


    • Hi Waken,
      if you don’t want to download games and thumbnails to your web space, you don’t need more then 10MB and no bandwidth will be wasted. But if you want to download then you need a lot of bandwidth. There I’ll recommend to have unlimited bandwidth and 10GB web space

  41. Hallo Daniel,

    hammer Produkt und super Support!

    Ich benutze MyarcadeBlog Pro schon seit ca. 1 Monat und bin ganz zufrieden damit!

    Kann ich also nur weiter empfehlen 🙂

    Murat Bayram

  42. Thanks i might look into purchasing the pro version for my new website i will be launching soon.

  43. Thanks for the clarification Daniel. But it’s the script pulling feeds from another site? Meaning that all games hosted at the merchant site instead of my site right?


    • All games are hosted on Mochi’s severs. When you don’t download them, then they sill stay on mochi’s server and will not cause any traffic from your site.

  44. Hi Daniel,

    Can you explain me this about earnings from ADS: When i press on some game to load and then before game i want to have my AD in the middle of the screen. Because i know how to put mocchi game,but i want put my own AD with code. How to make that?


  45. Great theme and great plugin>
    How many Domains can I install MyArcadeBlog Pro ?


  46. Great Plugin! I use MyArcadeBlog on my site: http://www.0000park.com , Thanks a lot:D

  47. Hi Daniel,
    There are any other themes that i can use with MyArcadeBlog Pro. Any suggestion is helpful.

  48. I was looking for an arcade script using wordpress for a long time.
    Good job
    I wrote a post about your plugin here

  49. This is an awesome pluggin. BTW Monica did you use the Fun Games Theme or another one?

    • Hi Kerron,

      Mionica is using Gemer Theme. That theme optimized for MyArcadeBlog Pro can be downloaded at the „Bonus Forum“.

  50. Version 2.60 released. Changes:

    * HeyZap support
    * Offset feeding for Mochi and HeyZap games
    * Edit games before publishing
    * Auto embedding of SWF files (No theme editing needed)
    * Template based post styling
    * Widgets for High-Scores

  51. 4 New WordPress Arcade Themes are ready for download at the Bonus Forum!


  52. Thanks a lot man, it is really awesome plugin 🙂 I use it from six months already and all works fine. Support is really good, too.
    Btw, my first site with that plugin: http://gryonline.w00.pl/ I hope to make more 🙂

  53. This is a much better plugin than the free version. I would like to request that you do a video on Importing games from IBPArcade. Thank you!


  54. Bonjour, j‘ ai cheté la version pro, tout fonctionne sauf que je n‘ est pas le theme. Ou le télécharger?

  55. SVP j‘ ai grand besoin d‘ aide! et sur le forum je n‘ est accès a aucun massage alors que je suis inscrite. J‘ ai toujours se message d‘ erreur:
    Vous n’avez pas les autorisations requises pour lire les sujets de ce forum.
    Je voudrais de l‘ aide svp

  56. Sorry, but I don’t understand you. You can post in one of this languages:
    – German
    – English
    – Croatian
    – Serbian

    Best regards,

  57. Bonjour, Je suis francaise et j‘ adore le fromage!
    Hum.. a y’est j‘ ai réussi après et maintes essaye. Je suis allez fouiller dans mes fichiers FTP, et j‘ ai enfin trouver le thème;-) Whou vous êtes tres rapide, ca fait plaisir 😉

  58. j‘ aurais une petite question concernant le logo/titre, par où doit faire le changement?
    Par header.php?
    Par style css?
    Quel ligne de code?

  59. If I purchase the plugin, can i use it in 1 domain or i have the license to use it in as many domains i want..!!!

  60. Bonjour,
    Je revient car je ne sais toujours pas comment changer le logo/titre. Je voudrais bien utiliser le forum,afin d’éviter de polluer ici ,mais je ne peut utiliser le forum car toujours messages d’erreur:
    Vous n’avez pas les autorisations requises pour lire les sujets de ce forum

  61. I will be purchasing this on the 28th of this month!! (when i get paid) this is genious!!!!

  62. That’s the best Arcade Script ever! I use it on two sites and it’s awesome!!! Thx

  63. Hello
    I want to know how to change the logo / title of the theme Fungames?
    How do I change?
    By header.php?
    For CSS?
    What line of code?
    Thank you ..

  64. hi gwenm,

    I’ve added you to the premium users group. Now you can access the forum. Take a look I’ve described it in the forum 🙂

    Best regards,

  65. Merci 😉

  66. Before I know of myarcadeblogpro, my game arcade is so uncool…
    NOW with this wonderful plugin, http://games.podbuzz.com now is THE BEST!!!

  67. thank you I’ve bought a package for a website ..
    but how when there is an update of the plugin?

  68. This is a much better plugin than the free version. I would like to request that you do a video on Importing games from IBPArcade. Thank you!

  69. Can you earn money from Mochi with this?

  70. Hey, is it possible to change the width of the leaderboard swf? When I change in myscorespresenter.php it doesn’t load the swf anymore.


  71. Hi Guys!

    I bought the myarcadeblog pro version yesterday and I can’t wait set my site up soon.

    BTW how do I join the premium users group zone?

    Hope to hear from you guys!



  72. How many website to install this plug-in with 1 license?

  73. I have posted earlier as well. Can you please let me know if I will have to install another instance of word press to offer games as another section of the site or if it is possible to add the plugins to my existing installation and use the theme you provide on just games pages?

  74. Hi Daniel!
    When the new theme will be released it will be available for all premium members?


  75. Hi Daniel… I was wondering since I am on a shared hosting, how extensively is the resource requirements to run this plugin?

    • Hi Daryl,
      the plugin has only small resource requirements if you don’t want to download games. You only should check that your memory_limit is set at least to 64M.
      If download is enabled you need a lot of bandwidth and disc space.

  76. A lady from the US has visited my site http://startupscripts.com where I have 2 posts about making money with WP Arcades sites, first and foremost using MyArcadeBlog.
    She now has asked me to install a similar site for here again using Daniel’s plugin, which is good for him and me 🙂